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What is management consulting

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What is management consulting – the service of management consulting is especially relevant during the period of unstable economic situation in the country and in the world. During a period of ambiguous geopolitical situation and the fluctuations in oil prices and exchange rates caused by it, management consulting can help a business not to lose income and market position. In addition, this service may be necessary in case of a change in the vector of the company’s development or adjustment of the pricing policy. Management consulting is useful when a firm intends to reach a new audience or introduce a new type of product to the market. Also, this service can help solve internal problems among management personnel, resolve disagreements between the owner and top managers. The results that a firm can get from management consulting can be divided into direct and indirect, quantitative and qualitative.

Direct Results


cost optimization

increase in profitability

increase in financial turnover

acceleration of the production cycle


changing technologies and work methods

introduction of structural changes in production

development of new competencies by the client

diagnosing and solving internal problems

Management consulting is a design and organizational activity aimed at improving the efficiency of enterprises and organizations in the field of their main economic activity, marketing, management, personnel, etc.

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